Doberman Pinscher Rescue


It's that wonderful time of year again! Time to fill our Christmas tree with lights and ornaments and help all of the Dobies in our program! Please consider making a donation to help us take care of more Dobies!

Purchase your decorations below!

Happy Holidays

Thank you to our generous donors!

Pat and Dave Alderson - In memory of Gillis, Ashley, Brady, Rocky, Brando and Mac.

Robin Amoss - In memory of Gretta, Chase, Harley, Kara, Bruno, Jesse, Clarke, Shadow and Lex. All the wonderful dobes that have been a part of our lives.

Sharon Anderson - Merry Christmas to all the Dobermans! 

Christine Bahr - In memory of our dobes at the Bridge: Zoe, Apollo, Phoenix, Duchess, Kali and Jetta.   In honor of our current Baby Boy, Lansky.

Mike Barbiers - In memory of Linda and our Dobies Zeek, Tax, Gunny and Paco.

Michele Kanatous Benson - In memory of Tyson.

Donna Daisey - In memory of our sweet angel's Zina, Bella and Rossie,          Larry and Donna Daisey.

Carrie and Anthony Desimone - In memory of Harley, Havana, and Oreo.

Lisa Godfrey

Carol Hilliard - In memory of Bella and her love of snow.

Elaine Hopkins - To all my Angels, who took a piece of my heart when they left.

Joanne Impriano - In memory of Bruzer and Sargent.    Forever in our hearts!

Lois Katchur - In honor of Baron.

Lori Anne Lawton-Hughes - In loving memory of Zeus and Miss Daisy.......Forever in my Heart.

Bill and Charlotte Lessig -In honor of our Hazel - who lights up our home.

Ruth MacGregor - In memory of Ruth M. MacGregor, my mom. In memory of Sally and Jasmine.

Meghann MacPherson 

Michelle Maven - In loving memory of "Big Harry" AKA Hummer and Merry Christmas from Miss Bella.

Susan McIntosh - In memory of our beloved Stewie.

Christine Miller - In memory of Kaiser.

Sophia Miller - In memory of Tira and Reuben.

Melanie Mohler - In memory of Celia.

Marilyn Morio - For my new girl Lacee and for those who will forever be in my heart:  Alicia, Barney, Suzi, Tasha, Heidi, Mickey, Kita and Lance.

Nicole Paez-Junkins - In memory of Sadie, Opie, Mattie and Remi. In honor of Darbi and Bogey.

George Pence - In memory of Cody! 

Michele Pennacchi  

Alison Portanova - In memory of Rubydoo.

Mike and Sarah Pence - In Memory of Cody.

Samantha Schloth 

Jean Marie Sellner - For DVDPA, thank you for protecting and caring for the breed that I love!

MaryAnn Serridge - In memory of my beloved doberkids: Katie, Jessie, Gracie, Reba and Coors. In Honor of our current Doberkid, Emma.

Robert Stapenski - To Penny and the rest of my kids, you all filled my heart with joy and are missed greatly.    Love you all, Daddy.

Bruce Tilden 

Sue Trombetta - In memory of all who went before me!!

David VanDoren - In memory of Netty.   Thanks to DVDPA for matching me with Smokey.

Karen Yetter - In memory of our Mina and all the beautiful pets that have met at the Rainbow Bridge.

Deborah Yurkonis - In memory of all my Dobes. Forever in my heart and Merry Christmas to "Miss Greta Girl".

Tree topper Angel Presents
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Bell Snowflake Ball Twinkler
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