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It's that wonderful time of year again! Time to fill our Christmas tree with lights and ornaments and help all of the Dobies in our program! Please consider making a donation to help us take care of more Dobies! Purchase your donations below!

Christmas Tree



Patty Alderson - In honor of Gillis, Ashley, Brady, Rocky and Zane.

Mary Jo Ansel - For all rescue Dobermans in need of a good home - Mary Jo Ansel, Fitzmar Dobermans

Sharon Anderson - In memory of our girl Precious.

Robin Amoss - In honor of Kara who recently crossed over the Rainbow Bridge, Bruno my beautiful red boy, Gretta who started my love of Dobes and all the wonderful Dobes who have been a part of our families lives over the years.

Christine Bahr - In memory of all our Dobes at the Bridge; Jetta, Kala, Dutchess, Phoenix, Apollo & Zoe. Forever loved.

Michael Barbiers - In memory of Linda and our Dobies , Zeek, Taz, Gunny and Paco.

Joanie Bondrowski - In honor of Akaya our sweet, silly, little Dobie girl. Thank you to all involved with DVDPA for your hard work and dedication. Darrel and Joanie Bondrowski

Michelle Cote - In honor of Sexy Rexy and in memory of Rambo and Rocky.

Donna Daisey - In honor of my Angels Zena, Bella & Rosie.

Carolyn Defalco - ♡ Roulette

Dawn Del Grosso - In memory of Stella and Rosey. I miss them both every day. Forever in my heart. And in honor of DVDPA for all of your hard work in rescuing these precious dogs. Thank you.

Carrie DeSimone - In honor of all our dobies and the ones who still need warm homes for the holidays! Harley, JD, Lexi...Love, Anthony and Carrie

Michele Elmer - In memory of Baron, Trooper, Arnie, Casey, Ruckus, Sheba, Heidi and Taz.

Tina Ferebee - In memory of our lovely ladies who enjoyed opening their gifts very much. Pepper and Precious, you will be missed this holiday season.

Elaine Hopkins - For all my Dobie babies, past & present - forever in my heart Jezzie, Foxxy, Leo, Abbey, Chelsea, Penny, Dublin, Nikki & Cruzer - I love you all!

Rachael Johnson - In honor of Scarlett.

Lois Katchur - In honor of my sweet Baron!

Charlotte Lessig - In honor of Dutchess I and II, Farra, Lady and our beautiful Hazel. Merry Christmas to all.

Ruth MacGregor - In memory of my mom, Ruth M. MacGregor, and my wonderful Dobermans, Sally & Jasmine.

Kristina Maci - In memory of our doberson Harley Davidson and our other kids Max, Liger, Cosmos and Bandit at the bridge. We miss you and love you - Paul and Kristina

Kristin Majercik - As always, in honor of all the furkids who have passed through the doors of MacMarLen, but this year especially in memory of MissLexiSassyAss. Your sudden departure left us in shock, sweet girl. Things will never be the same.

Christine Miller - In honor of all the fine people who volunteer with DVDPA and all the dogs rescued this year. God bless!

Sophia Miller

Nicole Paez-Junkins - In memory of Remi, Mattie, Sadie and Opie; and in honor of Darbi.

Michael Pence - In honor of Cody for filling our lives with hours of entertainment, joy and love.

Alison Portanova - In honor of Rubydoo.

Mary Ann Serridge - In honor of Emma, and in memory of our angels Katie, Jessie, Gracie, Reba and Coors. All our love, Mary Ann & Bill

Steven Tipton - In loving memory of Dutch and Nikki.

Susan Trombetta - In memory of Sasha, Sable, Killian, Jagger and Zeus!!!!